The Applied NeuroCreativity training program

Do you want to understand the neurological underpinnings of creativity, and learn how to utilise this knowledge to improve your own creativity? Enquire now for our 2 day Executive Applied NeuroCreativity Course.

To date, the course has been taken by more than 300 individuals, with an average course evaluation rating of 4.6 out of 5 or above.

Applied NeuroCreativity (ANC) consist of two intense days, and starts with an in-depth introduction to the neuroscience of creativity, followed by an introduction to tools facilitating creativity. On completion of the course all participants are awarded a ANC certificate, stating that the participant has knowledge of neurocreativity and practice in applying this knowledge through customised creative tools.

The course is also offered as a customized course to organisations and companies.

Academic background

Since 2011, CINC staff has taught a Master's level course on Applied NeuroCreativity (ANC) at several universities around the world, such as the Copenhagen Business School, Sauder School of Business, and the Technical University of Denmark. By using the 'alternative uses test' of divergent thinking, a crucial element in creative thinking, we have shown that our participants have an average increase in creative performance of 28.5% after completing the course. A study of the effects of the course has been published in the prestigious academic journal 'Frontiers in Human Neuroscience', and can be accessed via the link below. The content of the Executive ANC course is slightly different from the ANC course offered at universities.

Read about the course foundations in this article:Onarheim, B., & Friis-Olivarius, M. (2013). Applying the neuroscience of creativity to creativity training. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 7.
"Slip din hjerne fri" ("Release your brain”) Article in danish newspaper Weekendavisen about the program.


On the first day, participants get an in-depth introduction to the most recent scientific research into the neuroscience of creativity. After this introduction, participants will have a unique understanding of the five key concepts of neurocreativity. In the remainder of the course, the participants are facilitated through a team process solving a real-world creative challenge. The teams will be given customised creative tools to use with the five key concepts to gain first-hand experience of using neuroscientific knowledge in a creative process.

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